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All Stan’s books have been reviewed on Local Radio in the Nottingham Post, the Hucknall and Bulwell Dispatch or the Eastwood Advertiser.

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NAN SCOTT by Ztan Zmith

The story of Nottinghamshire’s own Plague Village

ISBN O 946404 33X

Price £5.95

In 1666 when the Plague came to Holme by Newark in Nottinghamshire, Nan Scott knew exactly what to do, but her safety cost her a terrible price!


This reconstruction of the life of Nan Scott sets out to tell the story of how a courageous widow, having lived through the turbulent times of the English Civil War, copes with disaster head on by pitting her wits against the Plague – a disease which at its height, carried off thousands of victims at a time.


BELL TALES by Ztan Zmith

ISBN O 946404 43 7

price £6.95 Second edition

This is a collection of 36 fascinating East Midlands stories from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire linked together by a bell theme

  • from a quaint Bulwell Wedding to a weird Nottingham funeral

  • from Radford’s own “Simple Simon” to Hucknall’s Bare Knuckle fighter Ben Caunt.

  • from Basford’s Pancake bell to the Washerwoman’s Legacy

  • from  the Bolsover  bell mould to Little Hugh of Lincoln

  • from the Ghost bell of Girton to Crowland Abbey Bells

  • from the Stilton bell to the Appleby Clock

  • from Stamford’s Toby Norris tothe Swans of Chelmorton

They’re all there and many more!



by Ztan Zmith

ISBN I 874754 99 3 price £6.95

A collection of ten true Nottinghamshire stories centred around the traditional English Pub. Includes stories o f-

  • Joe Haywood’s journey from Hucknall through Hell to Watnall

  • Blue skies at Selston and grim days at the coal face

  • Storm clouds over Papplewick and a miracle

  • Black Thursday and a Bulwell hero

  • The Beeston Mormon and a fatal promise

  • The Woman upstairs - the tragedy of a Lenton Landlady which inspired Charlotte Bronte to write Jane Eyre

  • The Pear Tree Ghost at Basford

  • Venison Pasty - a retelling of a much loved Mansfield story

They’re all there and more!

RHYME & REASON by Ztan Zmith

ISBN I 841730 03 3 price £5.95

A collection of 15 fascinating Nottinghamshire folk tales told in Rhyme and Reason

  • from Windy Miller Moss of Mansfield to cave Sandmen of Nottingham

  • from Newstead’s White Lady to Arbella of Rufford Abbey

  • from a frozen ship’s Captain of Broxtowe to a Civil War Baker at Newark

  • from  a cobbler at Southwell to Gallows Hill

  • from Robin Hood the Butcher to Gotham’s Wise Men

  • from Rolling Cheeses to two kinds of Christmas

  • from Dead of Night  to Goosey Gander


They’re all there and more!



ISBN 978 0 9553691 9 3

Price £6.95

This Collection contains the true stories of –

Joseph Hooley from Wollaton press ganged three times and marooned on St Helena.

Thomas Smith a Nottingham draper who founded a banking empire.

Thomas Berdmore – who made an ample fortune as dentist to George III.

Charlie Gear famous through a change in the Law.

Francis Purdy –“The Beggarlee Bulldog” – a bare knuckle fighter who pre-empted Bendigo

William Purdy – son of Francis whose safety lamp should have been more famous than Davy’s.

Gilbert Millington – the Regicide from Felley Priory who signed the death warrant of Charles I.



and other true Nottinghamshire Stories

ISBN 978 0 9564644 9 1

Price £7.95

The larger than life characters in this book range from Tambourine Jack – a man well known at Election husting time during the reign of George IV – to Sarah Barber who was too late for her own execution.

Then there is Robert the Joker whose house was bursting at the seams and saintly Mary Potter who had a mission to fulfil.

Then of course, there is the “Boys’ Own” adventure story of George Vason who went native, married a chieftain’s daughter, was caught up in tribal warfare and lived to tell the tale.