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This is a fascinating book about bygone Underwood village in Nottinghamshire and as the title suggests is the first of a series which will benefit the Tower of St Michael’s church, Underwood.
Contents include:
  • Phyllis Carver- Smith – organiser extraordinaire
  • Easter Day tragedy of Audouin Oakes, former owner of Felley Priory
  • The Organ and the Organ Blower
  • The colourful life of Tom Higton from charabanc to RAF gunner
  • Sam Chambers and a military funeral
  • After WW2 with the Parochial Church Council
  • Rev John Bernardi and a Vision realised
  • Teddy Rayner and his travelling theatre.



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Another Underwood and Bagthorpe book.

Contents include:


  • Bagthorpe Schooldays were magic

  • Showtime in Underwood

  • Underwood Village Clock & War Memorial

  • Underwood Pit Children

  • Pit Children at Bagthorpe Colliery

  • Old time joiner learns his lessons

  • Blue Skies up Above – a tragedy

  • Joyce and the Flintoffs




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True stories include:

  • Trouble Looming and Aaron Smithurst
  • The Revd Richard Woods - the Man from Dry Docking and the building of St Michael’s Church in Underwood.
  • Keeping it Green – old Mr Green a former caretaker at Bagthorpe School
  • Winnie Remembers old time Bagthorpe and Underwood
  • A Spot of Bother and Elias Bramley
  • Bullocks at Work on the rails down to the wharf at Langley Mill - in the bad old days of child miners

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True stories include:
  • Chalk in the Blood – the life of Ethel Coates
  • Fond Memories of Bagthorpe – before Pit head baths
  • Empire Day pre 1914-18 War
  • Lizzie Smith- memories at 104 years of age
  • Billy Flint – professional footballer and cricketer described by Rachel Heyhoe Flint as “the most talented football to come from Underwood.”
  • Bagthorpe Stack Fire 1908
  • The Price of Best Butter
in Bagthorpe & Underwood

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This is Ztan’s 22nd local book, many exploring D H Lawrence’s family village of Brinsley and it is his 5th Underwood and Bagthorpe book.

This new book delves into the history and the historic buildings of the villages and includes

  • The Smithurst Family Saga
  • The Blands of Bagthorpe Manor Farm
  • Wartime bombing
  • The Singing Samaritans 
  • The Dixie's Arms where local folklore suggests 
  • D. H. Lawrence's father drank etc.
and other Bagthorpe & Underwood Tales

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This book tells the true story of the real Miriam from D H Lawrence’s “Sons & Lovers” and the life she, her brothers and Lawrence led on her father’s farm.
Other real life stories include:
  • The exciting times of Aunt Emma’s Sam…
  • Life on Stirland’s Row with Ruth the Baker and her neighbours.
  • The tragic tale of footballer William Smith and the disgraceful behaviour of Kirkby Rovers Football Club.
  • Old Time Langley Mill and Aldecar Co-op.
  • The local blacksmith with his hand operated bellows keeping the coke fire red hot.”
  • Ginger Square and the Cobblers hut etc.


From Underwood & Bagthorpe

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True stories include

  • The exciting capture through a local man of Franz von Werra a German fighter ace. This story was made into a major film.

  • Charlie Harris the cricketer who played for England and Nottinghamshire - described by Dickie Bird as “one of the funniest men to play cricket.”

  • The triumph of Tenny Bowmar, a man unjustly sacked and banned by vindictive Pit owner from all his mines.

  • Joe Leivers, the boy from Bagthorpe who survived a WW2 Japanese Hell Ship and a Shanghai jail

  • Kitty Hankin, the daughter of a militant trade unionist.



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“Lively Folk” will be Ztan’s eighth Underwood & Bagthorpe book and contains fascinating true stories of folk who enriched the lives of the many people that  they touched :-

For instance there was the lady celebrating her 100th birthday; the girl who hand pumped the church organ and the collier who survived a broken back.

Then there was the singer who helped win many Music Festivals; the soldier in Stalag XVIIIA and the man who had his watch stolen.

Finally there was the amazing story of the Freezing Sailor who experienced more horrors and World shattering events during a couple of year’s active service than many experience in a lifetime.